High Containment Biologics - Overview


High Containment Biologics Manufacturing

Our high containment biologics operations handle highly infectious and/or potent agents through a controlled manufacturing system through the use of BSL-3 infrastructure with a capability for closed system processing.  We currently have multiple processing suites and supporting infrastructure, including a dedicated process development suite. For each biological agent introduced, aggressive assessment studies are performed to ensure there is no contamination.

Our analytical testing labs are furnished with appropriate equipment such as safety work benches for sample preparations, containment hoods and isolators, and separation from the normal lab areas and with limited access. 

BioMARC complies with all applicable laws with respect to the environment, occupational health and safety, public health and safety, and waste disposal, and holds all current and applicable governmental licenses, approvals, permits and authorizations.

Contact Information

Dennis Pierro, PhD                                                     
(970) 491-8954

Sandy Brown
Contract Supervisor
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