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Bio-pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Academic Resource Center

BioMARC is a non-profit biologics Contract Development & Manufacturing Organization owned and operated by Colorado State University (CSU) serving bio-pharmaceutical companies and government agencies.

We specialize in high containment: Biosafety Level 2 (BSL-2) and Biosafety Level 3 (BSL-3), and CDC Tier 1 select agents. Development and manufacturing are performed under phase appropriate cGMP conditions for pre-clinical, clinical and commercial products. Services include process and method development, cell and virus banking, bulk drug manufacturing, stability, and aseptic/viral fill finish.  Projects involve vaccines, bio-therapeutics, and diagnostic reagents in our FDA and CDC inspected state-of-the-art facility.








Process & method development

Cell, bacteria, and virus banking, storage

Bulk drug substance manufacturing

Stability assessment, monitoring, and storage

Finished drug product

Aseptic / viral fill finish

Cell expansion for cell therapy modalities


To Defeat Global Health Threats

Meet the Team

BioMARC is composed of ten interdependent departments with a company size of about 35-40 people. Each department is made up of a diverse group of individuals; ranging from recent graduates to industry experienced professionals working in the field for decades. As an academic resource center affiliated with CSU, BioMARC is able to access world-class scientific experts in a wide variety of disciplines.

Our small company size allows for close focus on all projects, from each department, ensuring quality and efficient progression of the project. Partnering with Colorado State University provides BioMARC with the necessary resources to develop and optimize product manufacturing processes and related tests for therapeutic, vaccines, and diagnostic products.

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